Physical Facilities

Sacred Heart School of Nursing has an excellent teaching & training faculty with well-equipped class rooms and labs, and a well furnished auditorium. The school of nursing is situated in a four and half acre plot of land by the side of G.T. Road Maqsudan, Jalandhar City.

Land and Building

Sacred Heart School of Hospital has a built up area of 41644 Square Feet of which 18758 Square Feet is being exclusively allotted for GNM Institute excluding Hostel Building.

Class Room/Offices

Nursing School Class Room

Hostel Facilities

Sacred Heart School of Nursing has a beautiful hostel building with well-furnished living rooms, recreation hall and prayer room. Living in the hostel is compulsory for the students. In order to develop a balanced personality, the students are encouraged to participate in religious, social and professional activities. Provisions for sports and games are available and the students are encouraged to use their leisure time creatively.

Particulars Required Actual Size
Hostel Rooms, 3 students maximum, minimum size 210 Sq. Ft.
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7
Size 8
Size 9
Size 10
Size 11
22’ x 22’ x 7
15’ x 13’ x 4
14’ x 10’ x 3
14’ x 11’ x 1
14’ x 9’ x 1
22’ x 11’ x 1
16’ x 10’ x 1
20’ x 12’ x 1
27’ x 17’ x 9
14’ x 12’ x 3
10’ x 10’ x 5
Cot in the Room 1 for each student 3’ x 6’,2.6’ x 6’
Table, Chair 1 for each student 2’ x 2’
Cupboard 1 for each student Cupboard
Toilets & Bathrooms 1 for maximum of 6 students and easily accessible and Geysers in bathrooms 4’ x 4’ x 20
6’ x 4’ x 10
5’ x 4’ x 9
4’ x 4’ x 16
Solar Water Heating System
Recreation: Indoor Games  

72’ x 30’
Recreation: TV & VCR 1 each  
Visitors Rooms 1 with toilet 10’ x 10’
Kitchen Hygienic 31’ x 17’
Dinning Hall Should Accommodate 80% of the students strength 34’ x 46’, with 150 capacity
Pantry 1 on each floor Yes
Refrigerator 1 Yes
Washing & Ironing Facility of washing & ironing of cloths 14’ x 9’
Sick Room 1 with 5 beds and attached toilet 16’ x 19’,7’ x 5’
Warden’s Room Separate Office Room 17’ x 10’,10’ x 10’

Water Cooler 1 Yes
Telephone 1 with STD facility Yes
Medical Facility Doctor on Call Yes


The institution maintains a library that contains a vast selection books dealing with the principles, techniques and practices of nursing, general books, magazines and professional journals under the supervision of a librarian.

Nursing Practice Laboratory

  • Number of Demonstration Bed: 5
  • Inventory Articles: Adequate, as per prescribed norms
  • Washbasin & running water facility: Yes
  • No. of dummy Dolls: 3
  • No. of Cupboards, Racks: 6
  • No. of tables & chairs: Adequate, as per prescribed norms

Laboratories Available at Sacred Heart School of Nursing

  1. Community Lab with community setup and has adequate number of articles, as per prescribed norms.
  2. Nutrition Laboratory with adequate number of articles (like cooking stoves, gas connections, cookery & cutlery sets, dietetic scales, cupboards, refrigerators etc.) as per prescribed norms.
  3. Computer Lab with five computers.
  4. Audio Visual Aids with the following articles
    • Film Projector
    • Slide Projector
    • Over Head Projector
    • Colour TV & VCR
    • Charts
    • Model Specimens
    • Photostat Machine
    • Tape Recorder
    • LCD Projector
    • DVD Player

Health Checkup

Physical check up is done every year, and as and when required. Monthly weight record will be kept for each student. Sick leave will be issued only by the medical officers who are assigned for the health services of staff and students of Sacred Heart Hospital. The nursing students of Sacred Heart School of Nursing are eligible to get concession for medical care. Consulting fee and medications are to be paid by the students.

Transport Facility

Sacred Heart School of Nursing has its own vehicle of transport a 40 seating capacity Swaraj Mazda Bus.

Counselling & Guidance

Students’ personal problems are looked into and necessary counselling and guidance are given by the teachers, priests and pastors.

Extra Curricular Activities

The student Nurses are encouraged and given enough opportunities to develop their talents by participating in many cultural programs, sports and games organized on various occasions. The winners are always publicly congratulated and awarded prizes.

Health Activities

Students are given chances to participate in the Health Exposure programmes and free medical camps. Health Awareness Programmes are conducted in various places such as schools, villages, slums areas, homes and health centres, inpatient and out patient departments. Students have been regularly participating in the National Pulse polio programmes along with the staff at the Community Health Centres Kartarpur and Maqsudan.

Recreation Activities

Students are free to relax watching good television programs after their dinner. The school organizes picnics for the students every year.

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