Nursing Practice Laboratory

  1. Number of Demonstration Beds: 5
  2. Inventory Articles: Adequate, as per prescribed norms
  3. Washbasin & Running Water Facility: Yes
  4. No. of Dummy Dolls: 3
  5. No. of Cupboards, Racks: 6
  6. No. of Tables & Chairs: Adequate, as per prescribed norms

Nursing Practise Demo Class

Laboratories Available at Sacred Heart School of Nursing

  1. Community Lab with community setup and has adequate number of articles, as per prescribed norms.
  2. Nutrition Laboratory with adequate number of articles (like cooking stoves, gas connections, cookery & cutlery sets, dietetic scales, cupboards, refrigerators etc.) as per prescribed norms.
  3. Computer Lab with five computers.
  4. Audio Visual Aids with the following articles
    1. Film Projector
    2. Slide Projector
    3. Over Head Projector
    4. Colour TV & VCR
    5. Charts
    6. Model Specimens
    7. Photostat Machine
    8. Tape Recorder
    9. LCD Projector
    10. DVD Player

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