Nursing Course Fee (2012-1013)

The Fee structure may change from time to time as prescribed by the Government. Students are requested to pay the fees in advance every year. Please refer to the Fees structure given below.

Sacred Heart Nursing School - Fee Structure

First Year GNM
Tution Fee 34,000
Amalgamated Fund 9,200
Hostel Fee (400 x 6) 4,800
Security Deposit 5,000
(Refundable after the training)
Total Rs. : 53,000

Second Year GNM
Tution Fee 34,000
Amalgamated Fund 8,700
Hostel Fee (400 x 6) 4,800
Total Rs. : 47,500

Third Year GNM
Tution Fee 34,000
Amalgamated Fund 8,400
Hostel Fee (400 x 6) 4,800
Total Rs. : 47,200

Fourth Year GNM (Internship)
Tution Fee 14,400
Amalgamated Fund 4,200
Hostel Fee (400 x 6) 2,400
Total Rs. : 21,000

Note: The Fee structure can be changed as and when required.

Guidelines for Payment of Fees

  1. Payment of Fees is to be made either in cash or through bank draft in favour of Sacred Heart School of Nursing Jalandhar.
  2. Except for the security deposit, the Fees paid are not refundable.
  3. For text books, uniform, medical check up and travelling expenses a fixed amount would be charged at the time of admission, this amount is not included in the Fee Structure & thus would be charged separately.
  4. Fees and other charges if not paid by the specified date will incur a fine, as per rules.
  5. A student failing in any council examination in two or more subjects and stays back in the school to continue studies of the year for which she is repeating shall be charged, for the additional period spent in the school and hostel as per rules.

Note: If any candidate discontinues his/her course after one month, he/she will have to pay the full Fee to the institution.

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